essential oils contraindicated in pregnancy

Essential oils are amazingly potent natural wonders. However some of their qualities are not suitable to use when pregnant or nursing. We have made sure to avoid the use of these in the First Light Organics mother and baby products.

Oils Not Recommended for Pregnancy:

· Basil

· Cajeput

· Camphor

· Cedarwood

· Cinnamon

· Citronella

· Clary sage (good to use during labour but not before)

· Clove

· Coriander

· Cypress (May be ok after 5 months)

· Fennel

· Hyssop

· Jasmine (good to use during labour but not before)

· Juniper

· Lemongrass

· Marjoram

· Myrrh

· Niaouli

· Oregano

· Parsley

· Pennyroyal

· Peppermint

· Ravensara

· Rockrose

· Rosemary

· Sweet marjoram

· Sage

· Thyme

· Tarragon

· Yarrow

Some of these oils are used in the First light Organics for life insect repellent which is why we recommend this is only sprayed in the air around you when pregnant or for new-borns, rather than directly onto the skin.

We suggest consulting your healthcare provider or aromatherapist if you have any medical conditions that would contradict the use of essential oils.


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