certified organic moisturiser

96% Certified Organic Ingredients.
Keep baby’s sensitive skin smooth and soft with this gentle lotion, enriched with organic aloe vera leaf to cool and nourish. Organic jojoba and shea butter are excellent moisturisers with natural barrier and UV protection against the elements. Roman chamomile and lavender essential oils calm and nurture.


baby’s bottom balm

purchase online from Earth Heartbeat shop

99% Certified Organic Ingredients.
With calming organic calendula and papaya, the combination of organic plant oils and beeswax in this delicate balm combine to help to prevent and heal inflamed nappy rash by creating a natural barrier to protect baby from any unwanted excess moisture.

The lavender and calendula essential oils help to calm and soothe baby’s sensitive, irritated skin.
Antibacterial benefits from Australian tea tree, rosalina and lemon myrtle combine with antioxidants from Australian olive leaf to support the healing of damaged skin of all ages.


certified organic baby powder

purchase online from Earth Heartbeat shop

95% Certified Organic Ingredients.
Talc-free with zinc oxide for protection. Gently absorbs excess moisture, helping to protect baby’s delicate skin, avoiding nappy rash and skin irritations. Certified organic oils of lavender, calendula, chamomile and rosalina combine to soothe and calm.
Useful for all ages and family members to absorb excess moisture, soothe, calm and freshen.


certified organic bath wash

purchase online from Earth Heartbeat shop

78% Certified Organic Ingredients.
Create a gentle and nourishing bath time with the joyful and calming aroma of mandarin, chamomile and lavender. Soap and sulfate free to leave baby’s skin silky soft and free from irritation.


certified organic baby oil

purchase online from Earth Heartbeat shop

99% Certified Organic Ingredients.
With relaxing organic lavender and chamomile, this baby oil nourishes and softens skin. Use to gently massage baby from top to toe with great care and love. This creates a beautiful bonding moment, nurturing baby’s growth and preparing baby for sleep. Rich in natural vitamins to soften and protect, it can also be used to relieve the effects of cradle cap.


Stretch Mark Cream

.purchase online from Earth Heartbeat shop

95% Certified Organic Ingredients.

With organic rosehip and shea butter, this super luxurious ultra hydrating cream is enriched with omegas, vitamins and minerals to improve skin elasticity, reduce scarring and soothe dry skin.
Gently massage into Mum’s tummy and thighs, with great care and loving attention to help smooth away stretch marks and discomfort.


certified organic insect repellent

96% Certified Organic Ingredients.
With Australian essential oils, this repellent is safe and effective for adults and kids. It repels annoying midges, flies, mosquitoes etc and helps relieve their effects. It is also a lovely aromatic room deodorizer and purifier. This blend of ten special oils smell pleasant to humans, not bugs!



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