First Light Massage Candles

Our skin absorbs what is applied to it, especially when massaged, which is why First Light Organics use only the best plant oils, made from certified organic, unrefined and cold pressed plants, nuts and seeds, that literally feed your skin with regenerative minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. When warmed, the soothing, relaxing quality is immediate and your skin is able to absorb the benefits of these oils even faster.

  • Hand made in Australia with a lead free cotton wick and recyclable packaging.
  • Free from artificial fragrances, colours and petrochemicals.
  • Each candle will burn for 25 hours or give 3 – 5 full body massages.

Choose from: Rose for balance, harmony and brightness. Sandalwood for strength, equanimity and focus.

  • 100% natural skin friendly dermatology tested ingredients including:
  • certified organic shea butter to soothe and nourish with antioxidants
  • certified organic jojoba oil for hydration and to restore skin’s natural pH
  • certified organic soy bean oil and soy wax as a superb source of Vitamin E with numerous regenerative and protective benefits for the skin
  • certified organic essential oils with beneficial aromatherapy attributes
  • Choose from: Rose for balance, harmony and brightness. Sandalwood for strength, equanimity and focus.

To use: 

Light and enjoy as a beautiful aromatic room candle.

Extinguish candle and use the warm* pool of oil for a regenerating massage or to soothe dry skin. Alternatively, leave the candle burning, and use a spoon to harvest the warm oil.

* comfortably warmed to 2 degrees above body temperature.

Use at home as:

  • Rich moisturiser for dry skin, especially on hands, cuticles and feet.
  • Body oil, that infuses your skin with a delightful long lasting organic fragrance.
  • Aftershave lotion.
  • Candle to create non-toxic aromatherapeutic candle light

In Spa:

  • A warm oil, with exceptional glide, for luxurious massage treatments.
  • Professional manicure and pedicure treatments
  • Luxurious gift with treatment

57g frosted glass bottle with lid – Please recycle or reuse your bottle when finished. We suggest using the beautiful glass as a holder for a tea light candle – looks lovely!

Three massage candle scents:

  • rose
  • jasmine
  • sandalwood

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